Being diagnosed with a neurological problem can cause anxiety. Knowledge truly is power in this situation. Having well-informed patients is also a great asset for any Epilepsy Specialist / Parkinson’s disease specialist.

I hope that the information on this website decreases your anxiety. I hope it enables you to play an active role in you/ your loved one’s care. Above all, I hope it enables you and your loved ones to lead the happiest life possible.

With best wishes for a healthy tomorrow,

– Dr. Siddharth Kharkar.
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Additional Info:

Dr. Siddharth Kharkar

Dr. Kharkar is a Neurologist, Epilepsy specialist & Parkinson’s disease specialist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He has trained in the best institutions in India, US and UK including KEM hospital in Mumbai, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), USA & Kings College in London.

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